Photo by Claire Lachance, Still Moments Photography

Wedding Video FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people ask me (or that I think people want to ask me) about videotaping their weddings.

How long are the wedding videos you produce?

Your wedding video has two parts: The full-length version and the Highlights Version.  The full version is between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Of course, this varies based on the particulars of your wedding. For example, a Catholic ceremony might last an hour, while a civil ceremony may take less than 8 minutes!  At some weddings the speeches last 15 minutes, and others can take an hour or more. The highlights version, all the best moments of your day, set to music, is between 8 and 15 minutes long.

Do you travel?

Yep! I travel all over the Ottawa Valley, Eastern Ontario, and Western Quebec. I rarely charge travel fees, other than when I've traveled as far as Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands, Alexandria, Finch, Cambridge and Barrie. 

Have you done this before?

Yes. In fact, I’ve videotaped more than 175 weddings over the last 13 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it. 

Where can I see samples of your work?

I’m glad you asked that! I update my   Facebook page  with new video samples regularly, there are also a few samples available on this website, and on my Vimeo page. 

I already have a wedding photographer. Why do I need a wedding video, too?

Photographs are great for capturing single moments. But if you want to capture an entire story, then video is the way to go. The single most important thing that puts video above photographs, in my opinion, is the audio. Of course you’ll want pictures too, but only a video will let you hear your vows, replay well wishes from friends, remind you of the bridesmaids’ laughter when you tossed your bouquet, let you relive your first dance song… I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture (pun intended).

Why would we want a wedding video that will just sit on the shelf?

Video Keepsakes wedding videos don’t sit on a shelf—at least, not according to the feedback I receive.  Brides tell me they watch their video over and over.  And at bridal shows someone will see portions of a friend’s wedding in my video demo and comment that they’ve seen that wedding video!  So, not only do brides and grooms watch their video numerous times, but apparently they also make their friends and family members watch it as well.

Why should I pay you? My relative can do it for free.

Shooting a wedding video is a whole-day commitment. Wouldn’t you prefer that all your relatives have a chance to relax and enjoy themselves during your big day?

Besides, when it comes to quality, there are some things that only a professional can deliver. For example, I’ll use at least two high-end cameras on tripods (so that there is no shaking) and a discreet, professional microphone on the groom’s lapel during the ceremony so you’ll be able to hear every word. From experience I know the best, most unobtrusive places to set up at the ceremony and the reception. And finally, I’ll edit and produce a DVD that looks more like a television show than a home movie—and I’ll do it in a timely fashion. 

Will I hear the sound from the wedding, or do you put your own music over top?

In the full-length version, you’ll always hear the sound from the wedding—the vows, the speeches, the well wishes, the jokes, the music that the DJ plays, etc.   The highlights version contains a combination of the live audio - vows, bits of speeches - and a music background.

Most importantly, I’ll ensure that your vows are captured in crystal-clear audio. Too often, the guests sitting beyond the third row can’t hear the vows. This way you’ll be able to prove to everyone that you really did seal the deal!

Will you be shining bright lights on us the whole time? Because we won’t like that.

I bring very little lighting to your wedding reception. Any lighting I do use will be subtle. The professional cameras that I use work well in low-light.

How will you be dressed? No bowling shirt or cargo pants, I hope!

I’ll dress as if I’m going to a wedding! I like to show up in a suit and tie, unless your event has been designated casual dress. Basically, I like to wear what everyone else is wearing so I’ll blend in. 

Still wondering about something? Please  contact me.  Let's chat.